Award winning childcare as it should be, for children from birth to 8 years.

We offer a place of calm, full of engaging and stimulating activities specifically designed to ignite a child’s imagination and to encourage holistic learning and development. 

Our approach is child focused, with resources being low level and available for the children to self-select. A block of wood can be a phone, a car, a sandwich or simply a block of wood for building a tower and we encourage this thinking and creativity continually with staff available to scaffold and support but never interfere or judge.

This approach is taken outside into the garden, a large space with as many, if not more opportunities than the inside. It is our strong belief that children benefit from fresh air, mud, running and exercise and this is encouraged throughout the day with sessions being outdoors for as much of the day as possible. 

This no fuss, child focused approach to learning allows for every individual child to develop at their own pace learning about themselves as the incredible little people they are and preparing them for their journey through education and life. 

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